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Welcome to Idol Ace

No one knows more about maximizing safety and minimizing the cost of accidents in your clinics than Idol Ace Limited.

We can provide you with easy access to unrivalled knowledge, advice, systems and products to ensure safety, cleanliness and efficiency throughout your clinics. We can supply you with unique systems that are safe, economical and flexible. We can advise and train your staff on the safest and most efficient way to clean hygienically and on the best way to take care of their personal hygiene.

We have special products for you to further enhance safety in your clinics; whether it is in preventing accidents while laboratory or operation theatre, in combating dermatitis caused through frequent hand washing, or in making sure your floors are spotless, but not slippery.

Idol ace Limited is inviting you to come close for a long term business relationship. We ensure you for a newer realm in Bangladesh than any other else.

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