• Bathroom Accessories

  • Cleaning Accessories

  • Guest Room Decoration(sofa, bed, table, mirror etc)

  • kitchen Equipment

  • Buffet Decoration

  • Hospital Monitor

  • Cleaning Chemical


TASKI / Diversey R1: Cleaning

Model: Taski R1

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Diversey R2: All purpose clean

Model: Taski R2

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R3: Glass cleaner

Model: Taski R3

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R4: Furniture polish

Model: Taski R4

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R5: Air Freshener / Room Fresh

Model: Taski R5

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R6: Toilet bowl cleaner

Model: Taski R6

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R7: For removal of oil and gre

Model: Taski R7

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R9: Removal of hard stains fro

Model: Taski R9

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Suma Star D1

Model: suma D1

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Suma Quat D1.7

Model: suma D1.7

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Suma Star - plus D1 Plus

Model: suma star d1

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Suma Star Pur-Eco D1

Model: suma eco d1

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Idol Ace is a International Trading House

From modest early period in 2006, IDOL ACE LTD. has borne with glow aspire of Hotels, Restaurants, Hospital, Laundry and any Prestigious Establishments supplies

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We view business as a means to increasing the material and social we

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